MS&T20 Individual Student Travel Grants
Travel Grant Rules:

This application is for a US$200 travel grant to MS&T20, and is only for Material Advantage members who do not have an active Material Advantage Chapter at their university.

Only active members are eligible to apply for the grant.

The grants are restricted to one grant per student per academic year.

The student's attendance at MS&T20 must be confirmed before their travel grant is issued.

Students applying for this travel grant should be present at the MS&T20 Student Mixer in order to be considered. If unable to attend the Student Mixer, the student's attendance at MS&T20 must be confirmed before the travel grant is issued. 

Each student may determine how the grant is spent (travel, hotel, etc).

Travel grants will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

The deadline for this grant application is 20 September 2020.

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